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Mike Huff, Founder, 1st Responder Jobs Available to Discuss New Illinois Law Allowing Illegal Aliens to Work in Law Enforcement

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As Illinois Governor signs H.B. 3751 into law, which allows non-US citizens to apply and get hired for state and municipal law enforcement jobs, veteran law enforcement officer and co-founder of Mike Huff warns of the unintended implications and reverberations that this will unleash in the public sphere.

“It makes no sense to employ someone who is not even a legal citizen of the United States to be able to arrest and detain someone breaking the law,” said Huff, a retired homicide supervisor with the Tulsa, OK police department. “What message does that give to those who are already citizens who want to serve their communities?

“These politicians are ignoring the core problems! Banish the defund police crowd. Make the job more attractive. A vast majority of citizens respect and appreciate the police. These politicians are ignoring them and should be voted out of office. There is nothing more important than safety of our citizens and trying to save great cities ravaged by crime. This wouldn’t happen in Oklahoma!”

“This is a slap in the face to those who are law-abiding citizens. Shame on the Governor for signing this bill into law. He is setting the wrong example for his constituents.”

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