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First Responder Recruiting. Where Does the Blame Lie for Lack of Recruits.

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The  recruiting crisis in law enforcement is alarming for the safety of our citizens and the status of the surging crime crisis in America.

Many want to point the finger to blame the attitudes of society, left-wing politicians and decisions by Gen Z students not choosing law enforcement as a career path.

Each of these factors contribute to the crisis.  Also sharing responsibility includes police recruiters, police department management and the leadership of government decision-makers such as mayors and governors as well as the federal government.  Local agencies and government are the most vulnerable.

Departments  must focus on creating a welcoming environment for potential recruits.  The value of pubic service must be stressed.  “Making a difference” is a focus of Generation Z.  Appealing to that desire must be a priority.  Departments must also stress the value of current officers and reward their commitment and successes.  Retention of the workforce must be a conscious decision of agencies.

Police chiefs and mayors will ultimately be held accountable by their respective communities.  Many agencies must be proactive in recruiting and retaining these public servants.  Reactive responses gain negative attention of the press.  These reactive moves include reduction of services, assignment of forced overtime and bending to woke ideologies.  Police are here for a reason.  To provide public service and enforce the law.

The police are the heroes of the cities.  Standing on the front lines to protect good from evil.  Decision-makers should find creative ways to reward officers, such as pay and benefits,  find a way to make home ownership in their communities more attractive.


Mike  Huff spent nearly 37 years with the Tulsa Oklahoma Police Department. He and 3 other retired officers formed in 2022. proprietary search method can deliver and compare agencies located by state, region or nation-wide to compare agencies and find the best match in your job search.