Mike Huff, Founder, 1st Responder Jobs Available to Discuss New Illinois Law Allowing Illegal Aliens to Work in Law Enforcement

As Illinois Governor signs H.B. 3751 into law, which allows non-US citizens to apply and get hired for state and municipal law enforcement jobs, veteran law enforcement officer and co-founder of 1stResponderJobs.com Mike Huff warns of the unintended implications and reverberations that this will unleash in the public sphere. “It makes no sense to employ someone who […]

The Benefits of a Career in Law Enforcement

The ability to help people You get to help people. You can make a difference in their lives and have a positive impact on your community. As a police officer, you are an important part of keeping our communities safe from harm. Law enforcement officers have many responsibilities, but one of the most satisfying is […]

New Texas Law Drops Age Restrictions for Police Recruits

1st Responder Jobs - Police Badge

A law set to go into effect Sept. 1 passed by the Texas Legislature and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott removes the age cap for men and women interested in applying for jobs in law enforcement. Cleburne Police Chief Rob Severance, who joined other law enforcement officers from across the state in pushing for the bill, called passage of House Bill 1661 a […]

New York State Police Raise Maximum Age for Trooper Candidates

1st Responder Jobs - New York State Police Troopers

“This change will allow us to recruit the most diverse and skilled group of candidates possible,” said the acting New York State Police superintendent about increasing the maximum age for trooper candidates.   The New York State Police announced that Gov. Kathy Hochul recently approved a request from the State Police to raise the maximum age to apply to become […]

Retired Officers Create Website To Help Others Become First Responders

1st Responder Jobs - Tim Bracken

Many local law enforcement agencies are struggling to fill empty positions. Some local retired officers have now launched a website in order to help those interested in becoming a first responders. It’s called 1stresponderjobs.com. Tim Bracken joined News On 6 to tell us more about the site.

Website aims to crack the case of police recruitment

1st Responder Jobs - Answer the Call

Recruitment is a challenge police departments across the country are facing in a large order, with TPD being no exception. Tulsa police recently said they’re looking for over 150 qualified individuals to join, and featured some commentary from Tulsa City Mayor G.T. Bynum. “We are focused on building the best police department in America,” said […]

Florida First Responders Rescue Elderly Man, 2 Dogs Out of Sinking SUV

1st Responder Jobs - Water Rescue

Florida officer breaks window, cuts seat belt to pull man to safety in Orlando suburb Several Florida first responders are being credited for saving an elderly man, who had a medical emergency, and two dogs from a sinking SUV. The heroic rescue was caught on camera about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in Longwood, a suburb of Orlando, after a […]

Reaching Generation Z

1st Responder Jobs - Young man (20s) in police uniform.

The First Responder industry is facing a unique challenge when trying to attract Generation Z applicants. The newest generation of potential first responders, those born after 1995, have been raised in a world of technology. They’ve grown up with smartphones in their hands and laptops at their fingertips. This means that they will expect your […]